Vector floral decorative background.Laura Gruce, M.S., LCAT, ATR-BC is a certified MARI practitioner and Teacher, and a Licensed, Board-Certified Art Therapist. Laura is a pioneer, using the MARI in empirical research, to link the MARI tool with our creative blocks. She give us a story about what is blocking us- either creatively, or productively in our daily lives. Her research is published and can be purchased on

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From the Official MARI website- here are some reasons

Why You Should Take The MARI® Training:

1. Provides up to 30 contact hours approved by the NBCC

2. Provides a meaningful and authentic personal experience

3. Enables you to provide the same experience for your client

4. Yields relevant psychological information, from the traditional to trans-personal

5. The MARI instrument can reveal in-depth information about spiritual issues

6. Makes short-term and positive therapy a very real possibility

7. Reflects the urge to wholeness and individuation of the individual

8. It is a non-verbal and non-threatening tool to use for hard-to-reach clients

9. Provides invaluable information for those who need to better understand others

10. Helps non-art Counseling Professionals & Doctors to see the “art-side” of things…

2 Responses to MARI

  1. Cf says:

    Laura Gruce is an incredibly talented and insightful MARI practitioner. Her MARI readings are a unique and highly effective way to tap into and access the subconscious, and to thereby uncover the roots, blocks and driving forces behind our psyche. Laura is an amazing artist and healer with an uncanny ability to use the very accurate tool of a MARI reading to help unearth what needs to be examined more closely and addressed in order to move forward towards one’s ultimate potential.
    I highly recommend a MARI reading with Laura as she is a fantastic practitioner who can greatly assist in uncovering and discovering our inner workings in order to move forward, to manifest one’s true potential and to live most fully. It is a one-of-a-kind, invaluable experience that I recommend to anyone and everyone. Amazing!

  2. Kathy M says:

    Laura conducted an insightful MARI reading for me. She nailed what I was currently experiencing as well as what has been holding me back in the past. She took time to describe what each symbol meant and encouraged me to ask questions. I came out of the reading feeling acknowledged and confident that the direction I’m currently taking is helping me accomplish my dreams.

    If you’d like to clarify some issues you’ve been struggling with I strongly suggest you go to Laura for assistance. She is a truly talented practioner.

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