Fall in Love with MARI!

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Fall is the perfect time to learn one of the most amazing assessment tools- The MARI! The MARI is a Projective, whole-brained  assessment test that is being utilized in Hospitals, Universities, and in Private Practice. Holistic practitioners, Art Therapists, Counselors and Social Workers are all falling in love with the MARI. Sign up today for your online training- training includes 21 CEU’s!

One Response to Fall in Love with MARI!

  1. Daniel L Huber says:

    I recently completed my MARI training with Laura Gruce and feel totally transformed by the process.While a lot of the credit goes to the tool itself, most it the credit for my feelings pf personal growth and transformation go to the quality and grace of Laura’s teaching. Laura clearly possess the skill as an artist and therapist to communicate the essence of the tool. More importantly,however she also offers a unique and innate wisdom which for me made the instrument come alive and take me to deep and rewarding places within my mind, heart and soul.I would highly recommend Laura for your training as she is a very skilled, wise , kind and insightful person and trainer.Thank you Laura!!
    Dan Huber, Ph.D.

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