Learn the MARI- upcoming training for February & March

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Now is the time to learn the MARI- A “one-of-a-kind” assessment tool. The MARI is a Mandala Assessment Research Instrument that helps us glean a better view of the psyche- This tool is used with Social Workers, Counselors, Art Therapists, Counselors, Doctors & Psychologists- The tool is designed to be very ‘user-friendly’ and is not intimidating.

Laura Gruce-(MS, ATR-BC, LCAT) & the author of this website authored research on Creativity & Creative Blocks using the MARI- She offers both Online classes or personal training in the Greater New York City & Hudson River Valley area.

FEBRUARY class will be held beginning February 19th, 6:00-9:30pm, second class February 21st from 10:00am-1:00pm, third class February 22nd 10:00am- 1:00pm

MARCH class will be held beginning March 26th from 6:00-9:30pm, second class March 28th from 10:00am-1:00pm, third class March 29th 10:00am- 1:00pm

Please email Laura at Artdiva24@gmail.com for any questions- or to sign up for her class- Space is limited!

This is a fascinating tool and will allow any professional greater insight and growth in their work!

3 Responses to Learn the MARI- upcoming training for February & March

  1. Anne Liljedahl says:

    Happy New Year Laura,

    I feel like I’m being led into a new realm of expression and the facility to share it with others. I have an arts background (and that sums it up- always in the background of my life), with a graduate degree in visual culture. MARI is very new to me although forever intrigued by mandalas. I have read Jung throughout the years and when I do the result is an awakening to my dreams. I was reading Jung’s ‘Man and His Symbols’ last night- and today I’m reading about MARI and the training options. Before I make any decisions about whether I pursue the training to become a certified Practitioner I’d like to have a MARI assessment. Do you offer assessments as well as training? If so please let me know how I can schedule a session and the cost. Thanks for your assistance and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • laura24 says:

      Hello Anne!

      Happy New Year to you and I am glad to hear from you!I too have an arts background- and that is why I personally LOVE the MARI so much – because it is such a colorful, creative, fun assessment tool. I do offer a MARI assessment along with my training class- Not sure where you are located- We can meet if you are in New York area- I teach live in New York- or I have an Online training class coming up in February- you can email me at Artdiva24@gmail.com and we can discuss price and schedule

      Thank you! You are going to love the MARI and I will be happy to give you more information 🙂

  2. Danielle Pirrie says:

    Hello Laura,
    I’m very interesting in talking to you about MARI training. I am a recently graduated (GRAD DIP) GIM therapist who has a background as a practicing artist and teacher. I have studied Kellogg’s model in-depth and wish to add an in-depth study of the MARI system to further support my clients on their journey, and as a tool to assist in a greater understanding of the client’s progress.
    I see you have some online studies commencing in a few days – focussing on creativity etc, but whilst that would be great for my artistic side, am not sure that it would be suitable or suficient for me to use MARI testing with my clients.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this..
    Thanks muchly, Kind regards,
    Danielle 🙂

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