Don’t Start The New Year Feeling Stuck!

IMG_0439As a licensed, board-certified Art therapist, I specialize in helping people who are feeling blocked or stuck. I have done extensive, published, copy-written research using Art, Symbols, and the MARI to help us deal with our blocks. Lots of factors can attribute to this feeling in our daily lives- we work too much, do too much, make choices with food or relationships that are toxic, or we lose our focus. This can feel like we are “Stuck” or “Blocked”….

The good news is that usually, when we are feeling “blocked”- or “stuck”- this feeling might actually be an invitation for change!!

I invite you for a personal MARI session with me, using the MARI to identify what your art and symbols are trying to tell you. We will utilize a creative art application to invite healing and insight to these feelings of being ‘blocked’.  You do not need any artistic background to be successful with this process! Anyone can do it! Please email me at to schedule a private MARI-guided session. The session takes approximately 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

2 Responses to Don’t Start The New Year Feeling Stuck!

  1. Samantha Hunt says:

    Laura is a friend and mentor. I have recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and Laura has been a tremendous help and support during this time. Laura has offered to do several MARI-guided sessions with me to help facilitate processing the emotions that I have been dealing with since being diagnosis and throughout treatment thus far. What an amazing and informative experience and process! She has been a blessing during this difficult time. She is truly a healer and is extraordinarly talented in her craft and therapeutic practice. I would highly recommend anyone at any point in time to contact Laura to benefit from the therapeutic practices she provides.
    Samantha Hunt, LCAT

    • laura24 says:

      Thank you so much Samantha- I am honored to work with you and to know you! You are also a truly gifted healer. I know all positive, wonderful things are in-store
      for your future. Thank you for your wonderful comments and all the best for a Happy, Healthy, Abundant “NEW” Year and “NEW” you!!

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