MARI- Intensive Online Training -January 2015

Attention Art Therapists, Students & Counselors!!!

The next MARI Online Training session will be held on Thursday, January 8th, 5:30pm EST- Until January 11, 2015.

Please email here if you are interested- You will need to pre-order your MARI kit and prepay for the course with PayPal.

This course is a MARI intensive course- which also focuses on Blocks & Defenses that arise- and how to use the MARI strategies to address this.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the MARI– an amazing, projective Art Assessment instrument
The MARI kit is priced at $300- the cost of the course is TBA- This includes full training plus 18 CEU credits plus your
personal MARI certification- which allows you to be a MARI practitioner once you
complete this course and complete 10 individual MARI readings with Supervision*

Email— to sign up for this class.

5 Responses to MARI- Intensive Online Training -January 2015

  1. Judy kepes says:

    I did training with Laura Gruce this past summer- it was very interesting , Laura made learning the technique easy. I have found this assessment to be helpful when working with resistant, defensive clients in particular as the approach is fun rather than confrontive. Issues are brought up in a way that invites discussion and allows for an opening to move the client to a higher stage of change. One can also control the process to have less depth if needed so the client is not threatened. Clients leave feeling hopeful and uplifted. Laura was very good at explaining the whole process and after 2 days I felt I had grasped the bulk of it , she has been very supportive guiding me thru using it and gaining confidence. I highly recommend both her training and MARI in general

  2. Eliana Gil says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this training and it was a stimulating learning experience. Laura has a great style and makes complex issues very easy to understand which I consider a gift! I thought the combination of didactic and experiential work was just right and it was great to watch all this information crystallize when Laura offered participants a MARI reading. Listening to her select her language was very informative and it modeled a collaborative method of reflecting from an open stance. I attend a lot of trainings and this was one of my favorite. I am excited to continue learning more and I definitely encourage others to do the same. I liked it so much, I am going to treat my daughter, also an expressive arts therapist, to this training with Laura.

  3. Catherine Horan says:

    Hello, I am very interested in getting training to become a Mari Practioner. I live in Stamford, CT and am available for workshops and group training.
    Thank you.
    Catherine Horan
    (203) 536-4355

  4. I just completed the MARI training with Laura as my instructor. I absolutely love this program. Laura is such a warm, intelligent and insightful practitioner and I feel so fortunate to have had her as my instructor. If you’re thinking about signing up for Laura’s course stop thinking and just do it! You will be so happy you did. Thank you so very much Laura. I am eager to put what I have learned into practice and you have helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to do so. Gloria

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